Trinity Times Vol X-7-April 1 2020

Trinity Times Vol X-8-April 16 2020

Trinity Times Vol X-6-March 18 2020

Trinity Times Vol X-4-Feb 19 2020

Trinity Times Vol X-3-Feb 5 2020

Lenten Book Study

A Lenten Book Study with Fr. Michael will read and discuss Samuel Well’s Hanging by a Thread. This book revisits the harrowing story on Calvary that is at the very heart of our Christian faith. With unswerving courage, elegant simplicity, and captivating example the author scrutinizes the assumption that the Crucifixion was only about fixing human problems by suggesting Calvary was the culmination of God’s disarming purpose to be with us, no matter what.

Christian Pilgrimages Then and Now - Download Copy

Download the full 3 page version of the Christian Pligrimages: Then and Now flyer here.

Shepherds Play-Cast Tryouts

Monday, August 31

Shepherds Play Cast Tryouts in Sanctuary


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