Vacation Bible School

First Day at Vacation Bible School - Catechesis of the Good Shepherd.

On Monday we started our first-in-a-long-time Vacation Bible School.  We have eleven children registered – eight from outside the parish.  From our questions of the mothers whom we did not previously know, the main source of information about this program came from flyers/large post cards left at the Allendale Library. Ages of children range from 3-9.  Mother Valerie Bailey-Fischer is the Catechist for the older children and Penny Allen is the Catechist for the younger children.  We are “down” one Catechist because she gave birth to her daughter last Wednesday (much later than expected)!!  She says she’s going to try to make it to part of the second week.  Jin Lee Vales is our teen volunteer who helps everyone everywhere.


We begin at 4:00 with a light supper for the children. Our wonderful volunteer chefs for week 1 are Paralee Restivo, Fr. Michael, Sharon Pierson, Karen Roy and Kim Myles. So far for week 2 our chefs are Janet Zacco, Barbara Neil, Penny Eufer, and Penny Allen.  (We could use one more volunteer.)


After supper, the children head to the Atrium where Mother Valerie has them take off their shoes to remind them that the Atrium is a sacred space (vs. a playground).  The first presentation Monday for all the children focused on courtesy and consideration. Then the two groups split.  The younger children are focused for the first week getting to know Jesus. The older  group’s focus is on the Bible and prayer.  Each day at 6:00, a “team” of children conducts a prayer service in our chapel, utilizing the Bible and the Book of Common Prayer.  They lead all the children from the Atrium to the chapel using the small Atrium processional cross.  Parents and grandparents are invited to join the final prayer service on the last day.  We end at 6:30.

Submitted by Penny Allen