Trinity's Happy Work Day!

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Thank You!  Thank You!  Thank You!

Al, Bob, Bernie, Bill, Brian, Chuck, Debby, Ellen, Eric, Fr Raul, Gail, Jane, Michael, Mimi, Paralee, Peg, Phil, Rich, Steven, and Tim

It truly was a great workday! It is very special that so many parishioners were willing to "dig in" and clean up and mulch Trinity's woodland paths through our three acres of protected woodland, and our outdoor Chapel.

Thanks so very much for coming out on Monday, when the wind was blowing and it was still cold, to help spruce up the yard in the front of our Parish buildings and St. Michael’s Chapel, and to re-cover our woodsy trails throughout our beautiful property. What a difference you made! 

“It is around the mulch pile that friends well understand the warmth of being together.”

Collectively you contributed some eighty hours of work in about four hours’ time.  You lugged wheelbarrows, rakes, pitch forks, and spades to the site, then pushed the edge of the envelope to get the task done. 

Your generosity with your muscle and valuable time is deeply appreciated.  

And Thank You to Debby Brown who recruited and managed the day!