Lent, Worship, Trinity

Father Michael at the Train Station, offering Ashes for anyone -- train riders or anyone walking/stopping by before work.

Trinity Ash Wednesday Services:  Noon and 7:30 PM

Adult Lenten Study Programs at Trinity

During the six weeks of Lent we have the opportunity to enter into a season of preparation, self-reflection and repentance when we seek literally to “turn around” and realign our lives and focus toward God. There are two Adult Lenten Study opportunities for parishioners, one of them with people from other churches in Allendale, to bring a deeper and more personal meaning to Lent and to our annual journey that will culminate with the amazing joy of Easter.

A Lenten Book Study with Fr. Michael will read and discuss Samuel Well’s Hanging by a Thread. This book revisits the harrowing story on Calvary that is at the very heart of our Christian faith. With unswerving courage, elegant simplicity, and captivating example the author scrutinizes the assumption that the Crucifixion was only about fixing human problems by suggesting Calvary was the culmination of God’s disarming purpose to be with us, no matter what. This transformation from “for” to “with” discloses a profound, moving and inspiring vision of what the central event of our Christian faith was truly about while affirming the Incarnational theology of the Anglican tradition. If you are interested in reading this easy to read (it is only 62 pages), but thought provoking book with us, please contact Fr. Michael so we can coordinate our first gathering time. The book, Hanging by a Thread, can be purchased from Fr. Michael for $6.00.

The Allendale Community of Churches Lenten Soup Supper Series will begin at Trinity Church on Wednesday, February 21st, at 6:30 PM. This is an opportunity for ecumenical fellowship, discussion and sharing while sharing a simple soup supper during Lenten Wednesdays. The Discussion Study is titled: The God We Can Know – Exploring the “I Am” Sayings of Jesus. This video study was filmed in the Holy Land and is based on Rob Funquay’s book of the same title. The Rev’d. Fuquay is the senior pastor of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, Indianapolis, one of the largest churches in the denomination. The series will continue at the following locations and dates:

                        February 21st               Trinity Episcopal Church

                        February 28th              Archer Methodist Church

                        March 7th                    Guardian Angel RC Church

                        March 14th                  Archer Methodist Church

                        March 21st                   Highlands Presbyterian Church