Easter Service at Trinity

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Alleluia! Christ is Risen!


Trinity's Easter Sunday Worship Service 

A Festal Solemn Eucharist 

on the 

Sunday of the Resurrection of Our Lord

 Trinity Episcopal Church, Northern Bergen County, Allendale NJ YouTube:  https://youtu.be/uuVWCOZ5cvw 

 Note: The visual vibrations are caused by the organ's sound vibrations coming through the floor


Special Thanks


Esther Tsai-Van Ness for sharing her gift of music

Stephanie and Robert Tengi for preparing the Suprafrontal and altar

Karen Roy for arranging the altar flowers

Bernie Milano and Jon Mitchell for reading

Steven Vales for cleaning our precious spaces


Easter Flowers

Thanksgivings and Memorials

The lovely Easter lilies and altar flowers have been given today to the Glory of Our Resurrected Savior, Jesus Christ

and by

Fr. Michael & Penny Allen in Thanksgiving for Family

Jen & Doug Eufer in Celebration of Family and Friends

Penny & Bob Eufer in Thanksgiving for all God’s Blessings

Robert Hoek in Memory of Mary Lee Hoek

Jean Lukert in Loving Memory of Howard Lukert

The Pierson Milano family in Thanksgiving

JJ Mulholland in Thanksgiving for the Mulholland Family

Frank & Elizabeth Praschil and Children in Memory of

Joan and Franklin Praschil