The Choir of Trinity

music choir

Choir Ensemble and Instrumental Music

Trinity’s faithful adult choir, a small ensemble of volunteer singers holding high the Episcopal tradition of musical excellence, performs classic anthems, a capella singing, contemporary compositions, a broad repertoire of service music, and pieces for solo and duet singers. Rehearsing at 11:00 A. M. on Saturdays and 9:15 A. M. on Sunday mornings, the choir welcomes any person who would like to join in the pleasure of its joyful service work.

The benefits of singing in a choir include:

  • Sing the world’s greatest music from across the globe.
  • Learn to play an important role in the leadership of the liturgy.
  • Learn to read music.
  • Make new friends and be a part of a team that works and plays hard.
  • Internalize biblical and poetic texts that reinforce Christian faith.
  • Joyfully serve through church through music and song

Trinity Church is blessed to have a beautiful grand piano and Paragallo/Baldwin organ within an acoustically excellent space. Its elevated, oak presentation floor is frequent host to many instrumentalist playing for both worship services and arts programs. In the recent past there have been trumpet, French horn, clarinet, saxophone, bell, flute, violin, viola, cello, and bass performances for Holy Days, festival days, Sunday worship services, and concerts -- all adding to Trinity’s commitment to music as an important part of its community life.

Trinity Arts

As a manifestation of God’s creativity and gifts to his people, Trinity presents a series of Sunday afternoon, hour-long arts related programs featuring professionally performed music (form Bach to Ellington), art exhibitions, theater, and literature. Since its inception in 2013 there have been five programs at roughly quarterly intervals, and each has included an after program tea with an opportunity to chat with artists and friends. The atmosphere is relaxed; the ticket price is modest.  These programs are a pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Program dates may and tickets may be had my contacting the church office.